Alpha Xi Delta

Epsilon Omicron at Oklahoma State University

Chapter Councils

Chapter officers serve in terms that coincide with the calendar year.Our officer structure consists of a Chapter President, 7 Vice Presidents, Directors, Chairs, and Assistants. This creates plenty of opportunities for members of every status to get involved. 

Our officers are slated by a Nominating Committee each November. The Nominating Committee is made up of a member from each class, the outgoing chapter president, a member at large, and our Chapter Development Specialist. The members who are selected to serve on the committee are nominated and voted on by the chapter. Interviews are then held for all sisters interested in a chapter position. Once interviews are complete, the Nominating Committee pieces together our officers to create the councils for the next year. This is great practice for job interviews and it ensures a fair process for everyone.

Chapter Life Council 

Chapter Life VP: Emily Venosdel 

  • Social Events Director: Belle Breitenreiter
    • Formal Chair: Karla Frias
  • Sisterhood Director: Mackenzie Noble
    • Retreat Chair: Chloe Blood
  • Coke Date Chair: Taylor Ratcliff
  • Head Homecoming Directors: Brianna Sumwalt
  • Intramurals: Akiera Smith

Membership Development Council

Membership Development VP: Bailey Cole

  • Academic Achievement Director: Disaffiliated for Recruitment 
    • Assistants: Karla Frias & Katie Hobbs
  • Ritual & Fraternity Appreciation Chair: Morgan Harvanek
  • New Member Orientation Director: Shelby Weymouth
    • Assistants: Riley Bleakley & Kayla Webb
  • Chaplain: Emily Jenkins
  • Marshal: Claire Argo
  • Song Chair: Mckenna Collier
  • Programming Director: Mary Campbell
    • Wellness: Bailey Cole
    • Senior Sunshine: Kaylyn Wells

Communications Council

Communications VP: Kaytee Latzke

  • External Marketing Director: Alexis Maynard
    • Community Relations & Advancement Chair: Disaffiliated for Recruitement 
    • Alumnae Relations: Sierra Clay
    • Website & Blog Chair: Harley Ramsey
    • Parent Relations: Sierra Clay
    • Newsletter: Alexis Maynard
    • Historian (Scrapbook Chair): Clare Barr
    • Social Media: Claire Argo
  • Content Development Director: Kaytee Latzke 
    • Banner Chair: Kayla Webb & Clare Barr
    • Graphic Design: Abigail Schultz
    • Photography Chairs: Harley Ramsey & Aubrie Penfield
    • Apparel: Mary Campbell

Membership Council

Membership VP: KT Blankenship

  • Head Matching & Recommendation Chair: Kennedy Brumbelow 
    • Matching: Grace Peck, Keren Batterton, Morgan White, & Maggie Goechenour 
  • Recruitment Data Director/COB Director: Kate Farrow
  • Recruitment Events Director: Chloe Blood

Finance & Operations Council

Finance & Operations VP: London Van Pelt

  • Facility Management Director: Aubrie Penfield
  • Annual Progress Report: Alyssa Enna
  • Adminstration Director – Minutes, Excuses, Merit: Maddy Standrich

Philanthropy Council

Philanthropy VP: Mikayla Busby

  • External Philanthropy Director: Disaffiliated for Recruitment 
  • HBCB’s with the Xi’s & AmaXing Race Chair: Disaffiliated for Recruitment 
  • Autism Speaks Awareness Chair/LIUB/Letters of Love: Mikayla Busby
  • Community Service Director: Claire Knudston 

Honor Board

President: Lucia Kezele

Freshman: Maggie Goechenour

Sophomore: Disaffiliated for Recruitment 

Junior: Disaffiliated for Recruitment

Member at Large: Alexis Maynard

Advisor: Stephanie Short