Alpha Xi Delta

Epsilon Omicron at Oklahoma State University

America's Greatest Homecoming

Our chapter always looks forward to participating in America's Greatest Homecoming. It's a time when we get to grow closer with other chapters in our community and celebrate this Oklahoma State tradition. Leading up to this event, we participate in hours of pomping, Football Frenzy, Hester Street Painting, Harvest Carnival, Sign Competition and the main event, the house decoration competition! In fall 2019, the Epsilon Omicron chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, while paired with the men of Phi Delta Theta, placed second in the sign competition and fifth in sweepstakes!!

Sign Competition

Our amazing sign team led by our very talented sister, Carly, painted a themed sign this past year that placed second in the judges hearts and won the people's choice award! The signs are displayed the whole week leading up to homecoming and the whole student body can see them as we all walk to class.


Hester Street Painting

Hester Street Painting takes place a few days before the homecoming football game. Alumni and families have started to arrive at this point and we get to go paint Hester Street where the walk will take place so it is all decorated for the big day!

Football Frenzy/Basketball Bonanza

Football Frenzy is usually the weekend before homecoming and it is a flag-football tournament that is played by all the greek homecoming pairings. The past couple years, rain has affected the tournament so we have played Basketball Bonanza indoors instead! All the chapters create a theme and dress up to cheer on their team. Our theme for Bonanza 2019 was Nascar!!

Go Team!


Our cute sisters ready for Bonanza/Frenzy




All Night Pomp

All Night Pomp is the final stretch of putting the homecoming decoration together before judging and walkaround. After pomping for 7-9 weeks, this is the day we finally get to piece the dec together and see all our hard work hung up on the structure outside. Directors work through the night to hang screens and perfect details with help from members when needed.



The Final Product!Walkaround and Homecoming & Hoops

Walkaround and Homecoming & Hoops take place the evening before the Homecoming football game. Walkaround takes place in the greek neighborhood and tens of thousands of Oklahoma State friends, fans, and alumni come to see all the homecoming decs that we put up. We get to meet up with our Alumni at this time too! Near the end of walkarounds, all the greek pairings go to Gallagher-Iba for Homecoming & Hoops. It is a huge homecoming pep rally! Coach Gundy and some football players are always there, the basketball teams play some games and we all have a lot of fun celebrating our hard work and getting excited for the football game the next day.