Letter From Membership Vice President

Letter From Membership Vice President

Dear Potential New Member,

As you begin your college experience at Oklahoma State University, you will encounter a variety of opportunities that will allow you to be involved with different organizations and/or communities. Throughout this process, I hope that you take the time to learn what Greek life has to offer and what it is like to a member of this close knit Greek community.

When I decided to go Greek I knew that I was about to start an exciting new chapter in life, but what I didn’t realize is that Alpha Xi Delta would soon provide me with my life long sisters, my best friends, my future bridesmaids and a shoulder to cry on.

From our Walk Now for Autism Speaks to our Light It up Blue event, Alpha Xi Delta has proudly raised over $6,500,000 solely for Autism Speaks. Since joining Alpha Xi Delta I have had the amazing opportunity to see the faces of the children and families that Autism Speaks has impacted and it is an experience that I’ll never forget.

I understand that going Greek is a big decision so if you have any questions about Alpha Xi Delta and/or Oklahoma States Panhellenic Recruitment please feel free to contact me at eovpmembership@gmail.com.


Araya Fetters 
Membership Vice President